Friday, March 21, 2008

He's gonna shoot 'em

That is was SM keeps saying he's gonna do with that gun. Every night SM says 'please bless JJ in the war' though he doesn't remember who he is, he only saw him once when he was less than one. But here he is, finally sending a picture so we know he is alive.
How can I not support the war when you have a brother over there doing so much?
He is not great at keeping up, especially with me and seems to have lost our phone numbers, which is class LB (li'l bro). When asked about this, he responded: "Sometimes you lose things when you're busy doing stuff, like defending freedom."
We love JJ and can't wait till you come home (and move to Florida so we can come visit!)

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rybern said...

I like your brother's response. You can't gripe at him when he points out that he's busy with defending freedom, right? Love it.