Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School!

SM started Kindergarten today! Can't believe this day is finally here, we have been counting down for weeks!
To celebrate, we had a special FHE party last night and had a special dinner and SM chose to have chocolate cake for treats, which I put a big K on. Then I woke up at 6am to make 1 hour cinnamon rolls per his request. Then he got up and choose his clothes and did his chores and we were off walking one mile to school ( I walked, they strolled). He was so excited he could hardly contain himself! You can't really cry or be sad when he was so happy to finally be a Kindergartener! I hope he has a great first day (I am glad its only half day) and I can't wait till he gets home!


Tara and Orlando said...

How exciting! How'd it go?

Jennifer Richins said...

He looks so excited! How great. And I love that he had to do chores before he went to school. That's awesome!

zeeny said...

So fun!! Can you believe he is in kindergarten already! Time goes so quickly! Hope you enjoy the bit of free time you will get. Our kindergarten is all day so my day has just opened way up!