Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peach Days!

We got to go to Peach Days yesterday and we had a great time. They had a great parade with enough candy to satisfy SM. Lots of firetrucks, and an awesome tank that SM loved! ON the downside, we saw a little boy get ran over by a trailer right in front of us as his mom wasn't watching him, but luckily there was nothing heavy on the trailer and it just squished his legs and he was totally fine. Crazy!
Tad and SM got to go on a little helicopter ride, GJ wanted to so bad, but I doubted he would even remember it. Next time. SM loved it though as he loves any flying object. He goes back and forth between Scientist and Astronaut when he grows up and I think he is settling on a Science astronaut (so I can work on the hubble, right?) We'll hope its still up there and going by the time he is ready to go to space.

I got to eat some peach cobbler which was delicious and we walked around and saw the booths and rides and carnival type food and smells!


Linny said...

who, like they actually rode in the helicopter? sweet!

Allison Williams said...

I took Chloe to Peach Days too!! My parents live near by and I've been going to Peach Days for years now! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!