Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ross Family Reunion 2010

Well this post can't do it justice, but I'll try. For at least the last 9 months, my sister Linny and I have been planning this reunion. Its the first one we have really done since 2004, so it was much needed and fabulous. We went to Cascade, ID and rented a huge beautiful cabin.

Here is the entire crew.
The sisters and Shawn (JJ couldn't come)

My favorite part was probably the rafting. The son of the folks' cabin we rented took us down the river. We had a blast and Mark fell out twice!
Next favorite was going up the reservoir and renting a boat. This is GJ at the end of the day when he was exhausted and we ditched him for our last boat ride and came back and he was out.
Changing up the riders. We had a great boat and I even got on the tube, but was too wimpy to try the skis. But Tad and SM also went on the tube.

Family boat picture
Some of our old friends from FW came down to see us as they were having a reunion the same week and switching cabins. I didn't get any great pictures, but it was great to see them, some of them after many years!

The cabin had a huge backyard with tons of space to run and play.

We had an olympic night with lots of group games (go yellow team) and one was donut eating which Julie won. I used my hands just a little. And of course felt sick all night. Who has a picture of Lisa covered in chocolate pudding?
My granparents were able to come up for a day along with my cousin little Marq and his family (thanks for hanging out and taking pictures for us!) and of course brought some guns to shoot.
This is from the first night where we had a huge unbirthday party were we exchanged white elephants gifts and toys for the kids to play with all week.
And of course had cake to go with it.
All the grandkids.
GJ's favorite activity by far, along with most of the kids, was the little four wheelers. We rented a big one, but Mark broke his leg on it and totaled it and after that trip to the hospital, that fun was over. (he has had surgery and is healing, we hope quickly!)
The 2nd day we went to Silver creek plunge which is a natural spring pool that was about 100 degrees. So nice and clean up in the mountains!

So much fun with all our cousins! Here is Ethan who was born the day after SM.
Pinata time (Lindsey really had all the great ideas)
We went through the lines several times before any candy came out.
Again, they love the 4 wheeler.
My sweet GJ loved going fast on the boat!
And we ended the last night with sparklers, which SM says he loves when he sees the pictures, but was scared to death. GJ did as many as he could, he loves fire!

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great trip and I can't wait till the next one, though I am glad I don't have to plan it!


Linny said...

seriously? that was the best reunion ever.

The Jensen Family said...

Looks like a fun week and it was so good to see you and all your family!!! It had been way toooo long.

Shawn said...

I do beleive I won the donut eating by a mile

Tara and Orlando said...

Wow, looks like SO much fun!

Allison Williams said...

Looks like so much fun!! It's always nice to get together with your family!

Jenelle said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I love your haircut, Wendy!