Thursday, June 16, 2011

GJ Turns 4!

GJ had his birthday yesterday and chose an Elmo cake (not my first choice, but it is HIS birthday, not mine)
I can’t believe he is 4! Sometimes he is the sweetest boy ever, gives me hugs and kisses, loves to pray, plays by himself easily and helps me out, especially with the baby. He is also tries my patience as he loves to wrestle/fight with his brother, get in his sister’s face, have to wear Lightening McQueen jammies whether they are clean or not, sleep with tiny toys that get lost easily, always request to eat hot dogs and popsickles, and enforce his sense of justice. 

For example, at the park today, he tripped over a root and fell down. He came over crying and I tried to comfort him and ask if he wanted to go inside to go to swimming lessons and be done with the park. He responded, "I want to hit it!" and proceeded to go back to the tree and hit its bark. That is just classic GJ. He has to make sure everyone is even, whether it is his brother, or a classmate, or a tree, or the table he just ran into, there will be retribution. With the latter, it usually hurts his hand and the table gets another slap. My oh my, at least he was finally potty trained before 4!

We love you GJ!!!


K-Krew said...

Happy Birthday GJ! Great cake and I love the #4 shirt he's wearing.

Amanda said...

So big!