Monday, June 6, 2011

MK's blessing day

 At least we are all in the picture.
 Tad did a great job.
 As usual, she was a darling. 
 Linny, Matt, Linc, Ace, Grandpa and Grandma all came up. I did not end up with a picture of any of the Days. We had a great barbecue after church then a few friends over for desserts. 
Sweet sleeping baby. 
 Here is a picture of just the dress. 
I nixed the sleeves and made some major readjustments to accommodate her growing figure. (And the dress was done by 10pm, not 3am as said husband was predicting). It was a great day and fabulous weather.


leigh said...

the dress is adorable! glad you got it done before the blessing :)

K-Krew said...

Adorable dress, adorable baby. We're still trying to get good photos with 3 kids...

Rachel said...

Lovely dress!