Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three Months Old!

Babygirl is such a great baby! The boys just love her and we just can't get enough! At the boys checkup yesterday, i stuck her on the scale and with wet diaper and clothes, she was 15lbs! (not bad, but GJ was that at 2 months)
Not laughing yet, but you can tell she is so close!

 I just can't stop kissing those cheeks. 
 As with the rest of my babies, she refuses a sasser (pacifier) but she does occasionally find her thumb. 
How can you not love all that chub!?! Now if she would just sleep more than 4 hours at night...


brenna said...

She really is such a little darling! She's so sweet sleeping.

Jacki said...

I just can't believe how chubby your babies are! I love every roll of it :)

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Julie said...

You sure know how to make them cubby babies!! So cute :)