Monday, June 6, 2011


Last year we bought U2 tickets for our anniversary. We debated a long time whether it was worth it, but finally did and and within 2 days, Bono announced he needed back surgery and the concert was delayed a year. Slightly disappointing, especially as we were hoping to have a new baby the next spring. Luckily it worked out though, thanks to Linny coming up with her newborn and watching MK, though she wasn't too thrilled about a bottle. 

 Tad of course it the real die hard fan, but I knew most of the songs and had a great time. We park at the UofU and just walked a little ways to the stadium. This was early on, but you can see below, by the start it was pretty full.

 The stage was pretty cool and they had amazing effects. 
Since I haven't really been to a concert since NKOTB in 7th grade (remember that Julie and Shelly?), I was pretty easily impressed, though Bono was a little goofy to me, but I guess you kind of have to be. 
The Fray opened up and I thought they did a great job. I couldn't get my picture to turn, but you can kind of see the cool stage here. They had the main stage, and then this full circle they could walk around, you can see the lead singer in the white jacket walking around in the front of the 2nd stage. Glad we could go and hopefully we'll do it again someday.

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