Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday the 13th in the ER

So GJ had his one month check up yesterday morning and was a healthy 10 lbs 8 oz, but by evening he was super fussy, and by 2am he had a fever over 100.4 so we had to take him to the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital. It wasn't fun as they had to get blood (that took 3 tries to get it out of his tiny veins that kept clotting) and they had to test fluid from his spine, so you can imagine how fun that was (I left the room for that, I couldn't take it). Overall I only cried once though, but I feel so bad for that little baby we love so much! All the tests looked okay though so they sent us home at 7am after giving him an antibiotic shot. Hopefully he will do better, his fever was up to 101.6 at the hospital and then down before we left, but he is still running a fever and I am supposed to take him back to the ER tomorrow (since its Sunday and they want to see him in 24 hours and the pediatrician isn't open) just to get checked out, but they said they probably won't run any tests unless they feel they need to and will probably just give him another shot. SM was calling for his brother all morning and wants to play with him. But the poor baby (who has never been fussy) just screams (not cries, screams) every time you move him. Breaks my heart. Hopefully he will be better soon!


Laura said...

That does not sound fun at all. Did he have any immunizations at the Doctor's that day that could have caused the fever? (I can't remember if they get shots at one month). I know Dallin got a fever of 102 after his two month appointment because of the immunizations. Fevers scare me, especially when they are so young. When Elizabeth's fever reached 105 on Christmas they gave her Motrin in the ER and it worked fast, but when they are so tiny thats not really an option. Thats kind of annoying that they want you to go back to the ER just for a follow-up. I'd probably skip it, unless he still seems to be struggling. Good luck, and try to get some sleep. =)

Jan said...

I'm so sorry for you and the little guy. Not a fun thing. We sure missed you at Book club and Amanda's party. I would have a hard time too if my baby was sick and crying.

zeeny said...

I'm sorry winnie...hope all is well soon