Monday, July 16, 2007


We are still working on how to hold the baby. He likes to grab his head.
So everyone seems to be doing better. We took GJ back to the emergency room Sunday just to check up, he was still running a fever of 101, but it finally came down and we went to the pediatrician today and looks like its just a virus, nothing to serious so he should be fine. He is a lot less fussy now and almost back to normal. SM came home from a party with Tad Saturday and looked like he had been attacked though. He had gotten licked by a dog and one eye was almost completely swollen shut. Tad said he looked better than an hour before though, so I am glad I didn't see it then. Even after a couple doses of Benadryl, he still went to church the next day looking pretty bad, but today you can't even tell. I wish I had taken a picture though, he looked terrible (though he acted fine and seemed like he could care less)
Megan came over and took some pictures for us the other day, here are the few she sent so far. I just love little toes! He is sure getting chubby!


zeeny said...

What happened to the pics of you with baby? You both looked so cute!

Jan said...

I'm glad Graham is better. And Sawyers face, he did look awful on Sat. but he acted fine. The pictures are so cute.