Sunday, July 8, 2007

Not Too Spicy

I am not usually too keen on 'trying new foods' much to Tad's dismay. He really likes Thai food and as I don't like anything too spicy or with curry in it, that doesn't leave much for me to eat when we go out. But I do let him take me out to Thai once every two months and I have to say yesterday we found my favorite and I would actually go back there, and even sooner than 2 months from now. So if you live in Atlanta, you should try SPOON, its right off Marrieta St by then Engineers bookstore right North of campus. Pretty trendy, but we went with two kids and it was fine, almost every female worker in the restaurant came and talked to SM. I would say go earlier than later though, there were only two tables filled when we got there at 6:30 on a Sat night, but it was filled and people waiting for tables by the time we left. But it was delicious, I of course only ever get Pad Thai, but I even tried Tad and Lisa's and it was good, and not too pricey for Thai food in general. So anyway, that's my two cents for a good Atlanta restaurant.

So Lisa took a picture of us leaning together... and we tried to get her and SM to do the same, but he just copied her and leaned the same direction. What a nut. (notice he is eating tortilla chips. Like me, he is more in to Mexican than anything from Asia)

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zeeny said...

Smart kid...I'd take Mexican any day, but I also like Thai! Have fun with your sister!