Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poor Winnie

I am a middle child. I know my sister's will laugh at this because they always say SM looks just like I did when I was little in all the pictures I post, except he's not crying. I seem to have an odd amount of pictures of me crying trying to get in and out of clothes when I was little (of course no one would help me, they just took pictures of me, how mean can you get?) so here is one where he did not want to get ready for bed and I only got his arms out of his shirt and he managed this. Yesterday, much to his fathers dismay, I gave him a sweet mohawk, though his hair is too curly, it won't stay straight up. I will also add that his face is covered in ketchup. When he won't eat a particular food, I try to get him to eat it with ketchup, but he has caught on and now just dips the food and sucks the ketchup off. He did it with grapes and potatoes yesterday. Makes me so mad he will down french fries but he has taken a stand against any other form of potato. Come on, I'm from Idaho. But my sweet baby doesn't have any trouble eating, as you can tell by those cheeks.


zeeny said...

Love the new hair do!! B had a mohawk until her hair got too long. If I ever have a out!!

Jan said...

Poor Sawyer, has to put up with a silly mohawk. I love his curly hair. I'm a little relieved to hear that is Sawyer kind of picky. My kids have been driving me crazy when it comes to eating. They won't eat most things. Though I will say, Ethan is getting a little better.