Monday, July 2, 2007

Stone Mountain

We went to Stone Mountain on Friday and had so much fun, though it was very hot! Here is our family photo at the top. SM couldn't keep his eyes open though because it was so bright, and GJ is tucked away tight in the sling. We rode a sky lift all the way to the top. SM stole Ricky's hat to keep the sun out. SM was so excited to be up close to the sheep and goats. They had a little show they did where they did all kind of tricks, though it couldn't hold his attention too well. He just wanted to pet them. We took a riverboat ride around the lake, he wasn't to thrilled he had a wear a life jacket though and kept trying to pull it off. Tad was very nervous of course that he would jump off the boat. Locked in jail. Notice I am sad and Tad is having the time of his life locked up. Sawyer petting an armadillo. They had a cool animal show with snakes and hedge hogs and an alligator, though it was too hot for GJ and we went and sat inside. The Frozen Lemonade machine was broken and we were pretty bummed about that and had to go for the $4 ICEE's, sad to say that they were worth it though.


Karli said...

When did Sawyer turn into a mini-Wendy. He just isn't throwing a fit in any of the pictures, otherwise I don't think you would be able to tell them apart.

Laura said...

Looks like you guys are having fun!