Friday, August 24, 2007

Next time, check the tag

Mary had given us this little cute outfit for GJ that Frankie was too big for. It was 3-6 months size, so I didn't think he would wear it before it got cooler, but since he is so big, it fits just right and will probably be too small before the end of summer. He had worn that earlier in the week and it was still laying out right about where I had laid out SM's clothes for Tad to get him dressed one morning while I got GJ ready. I was on the other side of the house when I hear Tad ask if SM's clothes are supposed to be able to snap up. Since I had given him a t-shirt and shorts, I was confused as there were no snaps with those. I walk over to him and see SM dressed like a wrestler. Tad had stuffed my 2 year old into these baby clothes. We had a good laugh, but decided he couldn't quite pull it off.


Laura said...

This is hilarious! I am laughing outloud at this picture. It looks like something that would happen at our house.

Jan said...

Too funny. At least Tracy tried.

JuJu said...

I am laughing so hard I am crying and I have to go to work and I have makeup smeared all over my face now. Probably the best picture I have ever seen.