Monday, August 13, 2007


Well I have been trying for a while to actually capture it on film. He has been smiling for a while but I can't ever catch it when the camera comes out. He opens his mouth really big and he has the cutest dimple on his right cheek. These pictures don't do him justice though, more smirks than smiles, but imagine him doing it right afterwards! And of course after leaving SM alone for 2 minutes, I come back and he had lotion all over his face, shorts, and for that extra smooth scalp, his hair.

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Jeff & Rushell said...

Oh, if we only lived closer together. Tyler loves putting lotion all over himself too. Wait till he figures out that the baby needs it on him. That is our new favorite thing. Dylan didn't weigh 15 until he was 6 months, but I do have to admit that I love chunky babies, I have been trying my hardest to fatten him up for months and just now feel he is getting there.