Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a face

Isn't he cute? He is such a good baby. Its so easy to make him smile, I can't wait till he starts laughing! Here is the view from my 12th floor office. You can see the Georgia Dome way off to the left. I like to watch the trains. I'm in the glass looking building just left of the big corporate towner. Not the exciting part of town and no tall buildings on this side, but I can't complain. I have another week or two downtown and then its back to working from home, I have mixed feelings about it. We had a meeting all day long today which was rather boring as it didn't really directly apply to me, but they had all sorts of new drinks. I do love Fuse and VitaminWater and Dasani Plus are pretty good. And I guess while I was gone we took on V8 as well. I don't care too much for pop so I am glad we have all of these new kinds of drinks.
So Tuesday Tad has an evening class so I am on my own. He had his first one today followed by a smooze party to meet everyone in the TIGER program with him. We are glad he got into the program as its more money (well it couldn't be less than what they pay grad students!!) but hopefully its not a lot more work. They pair him with and MBA student and two law students from Emory and they work together for the next two years. If he had a better project, they would be able to patent it and make us millions, but we'll see how it really goes.

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