Monday, August 6, 2007

Chubby Cheeks

On our scale, he is showing over 12 lbs, but we don't go to the doctor for our 2 month check up for over a week.
SM trying to eat his belly because Lisa and Tad always eat his. He doesn't look to thrilled.
He is a very good baby though.
And thinks he can hold his head up already.
SM keeps me laughing. He repeats everything I say. If I ask him any questions, he always repeats it before giving the reply. Whenever the phone rings, he runs over to it yelling Grandma and Grandpa no matter who it is. And he constantly has his fake phone and is talking to them all the time. He stole Tad's mp3 player and likes to listen to music, though he kept putting it down his shirt instead of in his pocket. Then he headbangs to all the songs and claps after they end. He is also the first to inform me whenever GJ is crying and tries to pat his tummy to make him feel better.

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