Monday, October 22, 2007

On your marks, Get set...

So I have been getting up early twice a week to go running with a couple girls in the ward (the more the merrier, come join us!), its been such a good motivation to go with other people. Even with the treadmill its hard to get myself going, and if I am going over a mile, I really do prefer to be outside now. Today it was raining and it was such a fun run, though by the end I was very wet!
But we have been trying to work up to a little 5K and Saturday we did the Peachtree City Classic. It was so fun, I am not a fast runner, but my goal was to run the whole way and I did! We are doing the next one Nov 17th (go to to sign up) so now I will try to shave down my time and then who knows, a half marathon...decathlon...iron man...
I am just glad we are doing it, I do love running and though its really hard to find time with such little peeps, I really enjoy it.
Here we are with our sweatshirts.
And of course I had to have a silly shot.


zeeny said...

Good job Winnie! I think I might aim for the St. George marathon next fall. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I should shot for a 5k first! Last week I ran six days. All but one day I ran three miles. I wish you were here though. Outside is more fun but I seem to keep myself going better on the treadmill...maybe not so self concious.

Jacki said...

I just think you two are so neat! That is awesome you guys did that!

Mark & Aup said...

Way to go! That is awesome! Remember the Rex E Run that we were going to run, but I was bum and slept in while you got out there and ran. You are my running role model.

Tim & Kathy, D said...

Keep up the god work. Running is a great brain cleaner as well a a good work out. Even as old as I am I usualy get in my 4 miles three times a week.

It sounds like you are doing great.
Work Hard and Keep the Faith

Brother D