Thursday, October 4, 2007

No Snow

So they were going to have this huge snow mountain at Stone mountain and I was so excited to be able to play in the snow. When we were growing up, every year we would have a youth trip to Mt. Ranier and sled (Rushell, I always remember the one where you almost broke your leg!!) and had hot chocolate and a wonderful time. That of course led to our unforgettable snow camping trips (yes, I have slept in a snow cave).
So now its canceled. I am very torn and as super conservationist, I admit it was a HUGE waste of water and its probably a good thing they aren't going to do it, but it was going to be so much fun! We are in such a drought they, they have asked us to take shorter showers.
So my sister and her 3 year old are coming, any other ideas for fun things to do in Atlanta?


Jeff & Rushell said...

Wow, what a great memory... I mean of the snow and hot chocolate, not almost breaking my leg in the longest sled train ever. I miss the cold weather in general, but definatly not the snow camping, I can't believe you said that! Don't you remember crying at like one in the morning because we were sleeping in that dang snow cave and Lisa's feet being so cold we thought they were going to fall off, not to metions having to walk a mile to the bathrooms in a very strong and cold headwind? You crack me up because I know to this day you would go back and drag me and poor Lisa with you. By the way, your kids are way cute and Tyler and I totally love the videos.

winnie said...

Notice how I said unforgettable, I didn't say it was good or bad! There is always a bit of both. But yes, if given the opportunity, I would force you both to go back.

zeeny said...

I, myself, am not a snow person!! I have lived in upstate NY for six years and have yet to get a winter jacket. I think this year I might break down and get one. M thinks that moms don't play in the snow, only dads! I have her trained well!

VirtualM said...

When are they coming? I can get you guys into the Botanical Gardens and the three-year-old and Sawyer can play in the children's garden. I don't know if you've been, but it's pretty fun. We take people there when they come from out of town (mainly because we get in for free.)
And snow? Yuck. I think I'm going to move to the Bahamas someday and live on the beach!

Laura said...

I heard there is some fun hayride/corn maze/pumpkin patch stuff going on a little north of Atlanta. I wanted to check it out, but every weekend is filled this month. When is your sister coming?