Monday, October 29, 2007

Is it really Monday again?

Friday we had a party at the boys school, SM kept his costume on for about a full 15 minutes. Not bad. We painted a pumpkin with glue and glitter and ate a lot of pizza and food. I forget how much I love pumpkin pie. Sat Tad was at school all day and I did my best to be supportive, but you can all guess how that went. We ended up going to the trunk or treat alone. We start off with a fun carnival and that was fun. I made grandpa's homemade rootbeer, thanks to Linny. The kids sure like it when the dry ice makes smoke everywhere. Of course the camera was forgotten, so I had no pictures so if anyone else happened to take any of my peeps, feel free to email them to me. SM didn't want his monkey, so he wore the shark again. He is silly. He ended up with Mary's extra fireman hat and wore that and danced for everyone during cleanup. He has been wearing the hat ever since every time we get in the car. GJ wore SM's old dinosaurs nana bought. It was a really fun party, though hard with two kids. Tad got there just as we were going outside so he got to take him around and get candy for us. Is it wrong to steal candy from your kids? I don't think so.
I do love Sundays though. It was a good week, though we are still having some reverence issues, but he's two so I just let him. Naps for both kids happened, but of course right when I go to lay down, someone wants to eat. The second he finishes and falls asleep, the other one wakes up. One day we will have them both coordinated and we will all sleep! The missionaries came over for dinner, and we had chicken wraps. Yum, so good. SM was so sad when they left, he loves missionaries. He was even good though and held GJ for a picture, he getting to be a better brother everyday.


zeeny said...

Glad you had a good weekend. We had our ward party Friday night and Ryan was there and helped but also had to help with his inactive home teache (sp) who he brought. We also took our two neighbor kids so I was ready to leave as soon as it was done! You look so pretty in your picture with SM!

Jan said...

The rootbeer was delicious. I am a little Halloween partied out myself and we still haven't hit Halloween. Sorry I didn't help clean up after the party. I am still overwhelmed with my three kids. I'm not a very good activities commitee member. You can release me if you want. JK!

Ross Family said...

You need to come and visit. The 3 musketeers need to reunite!!

A napping house is a happy house!!