Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can I have some sleep, please?

Countdown: Just 2 weeks till Shell and Ryan come! This was from exactly a year ago.
So SM has always been great at bedtime. We have a pretty easy routine and after the story and prayers, he will usually crawl in by himself and we don't here a peep till morning. For reasons unbeknown to us, for the last week he has been screaming. He will use anything he can. "I have to go potty," "Open the door, mama," (imagine that in the saddest voice possible), "I need to put it away," "Please, Daddy." It breaks my heart so we have either been camping out on the floor or I usually let him in our bed. We aren't too fond on that though, so after talking to JuJu, she said just let him cry. Last night he went for a half an hour and I finally open the door to him with his arm hanging out the neck hole of his jammies, and naked from the waste down. After a fruitless trip to the bathroom, I got him to lay down and just left his door open a few inches and he went to sleep. I hope its that easy tonight. I closed his door before we went to bed and just after 3am he woke up, but I just left his door open a little and he was fine till 8am. Then he really did go potty. Good job! I love not changing poopy diapers! But any other suggestions on how to calm a 2 year old at night will gladly be accepted.
So I have a lot of time off and Christmas as does Tad, but its too $$ to fly home, anyone have any good suggestions of places to go for fun within driving distance? We did Chattanooga last year and had a great time.
My camera is broken so you'll have to settle for old pictures. Sorry.


Jeff & Rushell said...

We will be in Nashville with my grandparents and Bro and Sis. D! Mom did want to see if you could meet us halfway somewhere one day to hang out and see kids. I think she was saying Chattanooga. We will be in Nashville friday before to friday after christmas.

Mark & Aup said...

So I don't know if this will work for SM, but check out my friend Debbi's blog, she just did a post about how she got her little boy to be better about getting up.

Her boy may be a little older though. Also I think she has a link to the Floham's that you were asking if we knew.

They aren't in our ward, but Mark probably knows the kid, there are not that many pods and they all have Pod Medicine together.

claire said...

There are a couple good books- one is the no cry sleep solution for toddlers- give it a try and see what you think.